Maybe Magicians

While Ragnor slaved over his crafting, the rest of the group interrogated the bartender at the inn. The woman was initially confused, as she had never heard of someone named James. However, after realizing he may have been using a psuedonym, we described the person. She had seen someone of that nature, but didn’t know much about him. Throughout his time, he had one visitor, someone far too pretty for him.

He came in with one woman, possibly Ciressa Mirat, who is often seen in Jaxel noblemen’s company. She often is involved with making laws, and dealing with politicians. It also might have been Adriweth Sevelat, who grew up as a commoner in House Jaxel, became an adventurer, and tried to distance herself from Jaxel after they tried to exploit her success. Because of her focus on Lord Jaxel, who most agree does nothing to deserve the scorn or praise of anyone, there are thoughts about personal issues between the two.

The gang wanted to case the Jaxel house, and possibly break in, for the purpose of learning anything possible. While Teagan could easily fit inside someone’s hood, things were not quite as easy for Boris. It was decided that in order to fabricate a reason for being in the noble quarter, he should get papers towards enrolling at the school. At the magical DMV, we calmed an orc couple and got Boris papers for the preliminary steps of becoming a magus.

The Jaxel residence is far too well-guarded to risk Teagan’s life, so the plan is abandoned. While looking in the area, however, the group notices a house belonging to the Mirat family.

Continuing on, Boris and Teagan attempted to gain access to the magic school. While Boris is possibly going in for observation, with her light steps over water, and her ability to go invisible, Teagan sufficiently impressed the admissions council and was accepted into the Tower.

Gnome Gnympho Gknifings
Dead hookers, strange tattoos, and piles of intrigue

The group started off in Tim’s, talking to Tim Bruno. Tim mentioned that there had been a recent string of murders, with most taking place in the Docks district. Luckily, Boris happened to know someone who was in town, working at the docks.

He seemed shaken about some horrors he had seen at sea, but Boris’s friend Amos was able to direct us towards another person who could hopefully help us out. Before explaining how to find her, however, he went into detail about these horrors.

Going to a different ship, the group encountered Red Toma, a gnomish woman whose hair and dress matched her name. She regarded the group with some suspicion, but when Teagan showed herself, she began to understand why the adventurers might have a vested interest in helping out the gnome population. She didn’t know much, but she gave the group a symbol, which Ragnor recognized as a symbol associated with a cult that worships not a god, but undeath itself. She also knew of a person who had recently been taken prisoner, but committed suicide.

Cult symbol

Travelling to the temple of Eledrikon to see the perished subject, the group met with a kind cleric, who allowed them to speak with the dead murderer. Unfortunately, the answers were cryptic and vague. He serves something known as Krutas, which is supposedly everywhere and nowhere. We were told the nearest central location of the cult is Jaxel, and that he believed politicians were behind the gnome killings.

Inspired, the group decided to make their way into the Noble Quarter, but not without the necessary disguises. To accomplish this, Ragnor convinced a wizard friend by the name of Tabitha Tamar to prepare scrolls of disguise self and vocal alteration. Furthermore, a plan was hatched to shrink Teagan, so bracers of reduce person had begun construction.

Always rash, the group left before the bracers were constructed, and the scrolls were done, to find some bait to catch a killer red-handed. After convincing a down-on-her-luck gnome lady of the night to act as bait, the men waited inside a shipping container, while Teagan watched from afar this foggy night. The lady wasn’t even able to make a sound before the punching dagger was buried deep into her neck.

Teagan sprang into action, immediately trying to poison the assailant from afar, but he resisted. Cruven burst out of the shipping container, allowing Ragnor to cast hold person, giving Cruven and Boris ample time to bind and gag the murderer. Meanwhile, to avoid suspicion, they climbed back into the container, throwing the lady of the night into a convenient bag of holding Cruven was carrying. Throughout the mind interrogation of the prisoner, the group learned the following:

  • The prisoner stayed at an inn called Off the Map.
  • His name was James.
  • There was a store known as The Silver Carafe that was really just a front for this cult.
  • The cult was known as The Shepherds of the Twofold Dawn.
  • His instructions were received without him seeing who sent them.

Taking him back to the room, unconscious, the party was surprised by a fireball and a wizard, who detected their presence via a scrying spell. With Teagan’s deft poison, and Cruven’s massive fist, the wizard quickly dropped. Renting out two other rooms at the inn, devoid of scrying spells, the party has stopped to consider their next move.


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