Maybe Magicians

While Ragnor slaved over his crafting, the rest of the group interrogated the bartender at the inn. The woman was initially confused, as she had never heard of someone named James. However, after realizing he may have been using a psuedonym, we described the person. She had seen someone of that nature, but didn’t know much about him. Throughout his time, he had one visitor, someone far too pretty for him.

He came in with one woman, possibly Ciressa Mirat, who is often seen in Jaxel noblemen’s company. She often is involved with making laws, and dealing with politicians. It also might have been Adriweth Sevelat, who grew up as a commoner in House Jaxel, became an adventurer, and tried to distance herself from Jaxel after they tried to exploit her success. Because of her focus on Lord Jaxel, who most agree does nothing to deserve the scorn or praise of anyone, there are thoughts about personal issues between the two.

The gang wanted to case the Jaxel house, and possibly break in, for the purpose of learning anything possible. While Teagan could easily fit inside someone’s hood, things were not quite as easy for Boris. It was decided that in order to fabricate a reason for being in the noble quarter, he should get papers towards enrolling at the school. At the magical DMV, we calmed an orc couple and got Boris papers for the preliminary steps of becoming a magus.

The Jaxel residence is far too well-guarded to risk Teagan’s life, so the plan is abandoned. While looking in the area, however, the group notices a house belonging to the Mirat family.

Continuing on, Boris and Teagan attempted to gain access to the magic school. While Boris is possibly going in for observation, with her light steps over water, and her ability to go invisible, Teagan sufficiently impressed the admissions council and was accepted into the Tower.



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