Ragnor Godmage


Near the Gnome village of Nebelun, a Gnomish fisherman named Hackett Steelskin found a small child, who looked fairly Gnomish. Hackett, having a heart far different from his skin, brought him home and adopted him, giving him some of the family he never had. While the baby grew fairly quickly, he always had an err of sickness to him. The cause became apparent when he started to grow a beard, an Hackett realized he must have brought home a dwarf.

While the dwarven physique slightly ostracized him at school, he still grew close to his father, picking up some skill in fishing. However, his father was also a fairly religious man, embracing Talmina as his goddess. Following his father’s direction, the dwarf, then known as Trovis (meaning “the found one”) also began a pursuit of religious studies. However, due to poor nutrition early in his life, he spent a great deal of time in his home. Here, he became enamored not with nature but with knowledge, reading extensively about the arcane and the god Altmyr.

Eventually, Trovis decided to become a cleric. In Nebelun, however, clerics were seen as a low aspiration. While Trovis was studying, he was able to go far beyond what the adepts in his town had accomplished, but he was still seen as lower than even a first year wizard. Specifically, he was often mocked by Giles Rupe, who gave him the nickname “Godmage.” Nevertheless, he devoted himself to the studying of the divine arts, primarily driven through self-study and divine revelation.

One day, when Trovis and Hackett were talking, Hackett mentioned the cloak in which he had found Trovis. Shocked that his adoptive father had never brought it up, Trovis asked to see the cloak. On it were a variety of markings, none of which Hackett had recognized. Trovis, however, had been teaching himself Dwarven in an effort to connect with his unknown past, and immediately recognized the name Stoneshield. Presuming this to be his biological family name, Trovis decided that someday he would seek out his heritage.

While in the village, Trovis still made a few friends. Among them were Teagan Kaya, a shifty Gnome girl, and a cunning illusionist Elliot Scathma. Together, they got into a variety of hijinks, but eventually started growing apart. Trovis, feeling less and less at home each day, constantly toyed with the idea of leaving his homeland and finding out a deeper purpose, all while learning what Altmyr has to give.

First, however, he wanted to truly understand the arcane arts. After all, if Altmyr gave him power, he decided he should seek to understand that which Altmyr has dominion over. Much to Giles amusement, Trovis enrolled in the local wizard school, taught by a few elderly wizards who returned to the village after their studies and travels.

Trovis was a quick learner, but couldn’t take the insistence of the college that the divine was to be ignored. Despite being able to perform powerful magics, Trovis was unable to sway the professor’s opinion. Eventually, he resolved to leave. Elliot asked him to come to a wizarding school a day’s ride away, with their sights eventually set on the Arcane Tower. However, Trovis knew that the gnomes there would have the same views towards the divine, and he needed a fresh start. So when Elliot and Giles went off to the school of Kildare, Trovis decided to go directly towards Thraknor.

On his travels, he faced a number of the typical struggles. People tried to rob him, he had to steal a small amount himself, and every night he had to face the dangers of the wilderness or city. As he approached Thraknor, he reflected on his past, and realized that he was hardly Trovis anymore. When he left, he was a nerdy gnome in a frail dwarf’s body. Now, he had a decent level of power both arcane and divine. He decided to embrace his dwarven heritage, giving up his Gnomish name of Trovis Steelskin, and instead adopting a Dwarven name, Ragnor Godmage. Taking up the mantle that was once a curse, he vowed to show the power that can be had with the balancing of the arts.

At the Tower, Ragnor was somewhat disappointed at focus on “classical wizarding.” Specifically, he refused to pick a school of training. His entire life had been devoted to understanding everything, so he saw no reason to scorn any schools of thought. This, combined with his focus on divine, immediately caused him to be an outcast. The school, sensing that he may be a troublemaker with his differing philosophies, put him with another non-traditional student, Cruven.

Both Cruven and Ragnor had their issues with the school. While Ragnor tried to reconcile arcane and divine, Cruven tried to reconcile arcane and martial. Although he was generally an outcast yet again, Ragnor found solace in his mentor, the head of divination at the school. Initially tasked with persuading Ragnor to choose a school of magic, the two took to each other as they both shared an interest in divine power. This mentor was in fact a mystic theurge, and had completely reconciled divine and arcane. Interested in discovering this power for himself, Ragnor hung on his every word.

Eventually, the theurge had an upfront talk with Ragnor. Ultimately, it would be decided soon that Ragnor should consider pursuing his studies in the world, so the Tower no longer had to deal with his insistence on divine power and universal schools. The theurge urged him to use this as a chance to increase his knowledge and understanding, though. Time spent away from the Arcane Tower has the chance to bring you closer to full understanding, will show you the wonders of the world, and gives you an opportunity to search for artifacts and spells, unlocking wisdom beyond measure.

While hanging out with Cruven and their newfound dwarven friend Boris at a local bar, he was approached by Teagan. After catching up on the years past, they resolved to keep in touch, and the four of them continued to hang out at Tim’s most days. Ragnor continues getting the sense that the college is interested in him leaving, so is ready to jump at any opportunity.

Ragnor Godmage

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