Belwyn: The Wave


Embrace love and pleasure when they can be had.

Learn from the sea, who always changes and yet does not surrender her true self.

The right face can launch a thousand ships – use your beauty as a source of strength.

Ugliness is the beginning of inequity, which is where jealousy and hate spring from. Cultivate health and beauty where you go.

Tales and Associated Deities

Belwyn is tempestuous and gorgeous – nearly every good or neutral male deity has desired her at some time, with wildly varying results. The luckiest are let down gently, with the least fortunate rebuffed indifferently.


Sailors are Belwyn’s most frequent lay followers, brought by both luck at sea and the attractive female clergy. Artist, the vain, fishermen, and those who fight for freedom through ways other than force of arms usually pledge allegiance to Belwyn.


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