House Delars

House Delars


A latecomer to the Court Houses of Thraknor, House Delars is a gnome-dominated house in the south-western portion of the continent, south of Merrina and west of Llowm.


Human: 6%
Elven: 3%
Dwarven: 5%
Gnomish: 70%
Halfling: 15%
Half-Elven: 1%
Half-orc: 0%


Current Head of House: Azamin Delars, male gnomish noble/gunslinger, level unknown, age est. 130-140.
Notable Prior Heads of House: Hezzop Delars, who established House Delars from the roots of a successful diplomatic guild four hundred years after the founding of Thraknor and the Court.

Campaign Notes

Ragnor Godmage and Teagan Kaya both hail from here, in the town of Nebelun. Ragnor in particular learned his first spells at the college in Kildare.

House Delars

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