House Kathiss


Archivists and archeologists, hierophants and hypocrites; such are the names the populace call House Kathiss. Obsessed with divinity, history, and genealogy, House Kathiss keeps the records, trains the priesthood, and provides heraldic lore for the nobility of Thraknor.


Human: 33%
Elven: 20%
Dwarven: 10%
Gnomish: 10%
Halfling: 10%
Half-Elven: 15%
Half-orc: 2%


Current Head of House: Arvina Kathiss, human cleric/noble, level 12/3, age 29; her husband Isten, half-elven noble/cleric, level 6/3
Notable Prior Heads of House: Satr Kathiss, who compiled the Treatise on Named Minor Extraplanar Entities, the definitive work on the topic.

Campaign Notes

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House Kathiss

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