House Merrina


An original member of the Court Houses of Thraknor, House Merrina is a largely dwarven house in the central western portion of the continent, south of Riab and north of Delars. They are widely reknowned for their crafts, mining, and beginning the still-developing technomancy traditions.


Human: 17%
Elven: 0%
Dwarven: 65%
Gnomish: 10%
Halfling: 6%
Half-Elven: 0%
Half-orc: 2%


Current Head of House: Ilde Merrina, female dwarven technomancer, level unknown, age est. 240-270.
Notable Prior Heads of House: Ilde’s grandparents, Dilan and Mirin, for their contributions to Thraknor tactics in the Demon Isle naval skirmishes.

Campaign Notes

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House Merrina

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