Out of the blue, and into the Thrak

“Thrak” means “fog” in the ancient dwarven tongue – hence the River Thrak, the perpetually mist-covered waterway that cuts across the land. “-nor” is merely a suffix for “city” or “town”, which, as it dwarven, is also the word for fortress. It can be gleaned however, due to the impracticality of a Fortress of Fog, that their original meaning of the name of our splendid metropolis is just as it appears at the top of this page: the City of Fog.
In the distant and far-flung year of the Age of Water, Thraknor was ruled by the kua-toan and whatever vile master they pledged themselves to. At the dawning of our new age, the Age of Fire, a “mixed” order of paladins (that is, those of several different faiths), assaulted the city and razed it to the ground. Even in those days, it was acknowledged that the dwarfs had an ancient claim to the city, and so they shouldered the task of rebuilding her. Within two centuries, their craftsmanship and her advantageous locale has made Thraknor a center of commerce and politics.
Years pass, and the wheel of the ages ever turns. The City of Fog campaign takes place near the end of the Age of Fire, after almost two thousand years of technological advancement and political posturing. See steam-powered zeppelins and gun-slinging gnomes, see powerful magics and healing faiths, learning ancient secrets and the future’s only hope.
Welcome to Thraknor.


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