Anor: The Onestrength


Have the strength to do what is right in the face of adversity.

Never impose your strength on an innocent.

Strength wins battles; wisdom wins wars.

Associated Tales and Deities

Most tales of greatness hold Anor in the center. Legend says that his bow can shoot accurately over 1000 yards, and that his sword weighs as much as an ox.

Anor’s flower is said to bring luck to those who keep it on them.

While no one book is considered the singular holy text, The Love Song of Branch and Root (a one hundred and thirty-seven stanza epic poem that takes roughly two hours to recite) is considered to be the quintessential work among elven bards, and is holy to Anor.


Anor has a special following among the elves, which revere his wisdom and ability to adapt to all situations. As such he almost always appears as an unusually burly elven male, and never without his sword, bow, and flute that are his hallmarks.


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