Eledrikon: The Warrior

Other Titles: The Winged Warrior, The Paladin’s God, Lord of Justice


A champion of goodness and a proponent of law, Eledrikon urges his followers to be righteous, valorous, and constantly striving for improvement. To the Lord of Justice, proof of self is always found in struggle- whether it be the struggle a against evil mercenaries, the struggle against one’s baser urges, or the struggles in a courthouse to determine the correctness of a law. His clerics, therefore, teach that true virtue is achieved only through works, not merely contemplation. A goodly life is achieved only through enacting good in all portions of one’s existence.

Tales and Associated Deities


Eledrikon most often appears as a goodly warrior of the culture to which he appears- a knight to humans or dwarves, a skilled and nimble archer to elves, or a grim-faced swashbuckler to halflings and gnomes. No matter his appearance, his armor always gleams and his head is wreathed with lightning, with a thunderous voice and a proud demeanor.


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