Fridia: The Overmother

Other Titles: Goddess of the Hearth, Lady Under the Mountain


A dwarf should be like stone: hard, unchanging, and capable of protecting the clan. So Fridia tells her followers, which (as she and her clergy see it) should be every dwarf. Fealty to one’s thronor, service to one’s clanhold, and respect for one’s elders – all these must be observed before one’s desires can be pursued. Any change must come as a hammer in the forge: slowly, but surely, with the end goal firmly in mind – and all things must be held to the highest standards of dwarven craftsmanship.

Tales and Associated Deities

The Soulforger

The Soulforger, Fridia’s son, is a minor god of smithing who is said to double-check the Caustram’s work on each dwarf before their soul is returned to the Cycle. If he finds the work lacking, he takes it upon himself to further refine each dwarven soul, ensuring the quality of their race.


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