Gulgost: The Baron


Never back down from a challenge.

Always fight on agreed upon terms, and overcome an opponent with superior preparation and cunning.

Be the best in both mind and body.

Tales and Associated Deities

Gulgost is most strongly associated with his holy text, Victory, a military treatise devoted to several aspects of warfare and self-betterment.


Followers of Gulgost are often those in the position of power, or those who wish to rise to power. Most are attracted to his determined nature, doing everything possible to grow in strength and cunning. Generals often refer to his text, Victory, even if they do not explicitly worship him.

Clerics of Gulgost are never far from battle. Some may perform their duties as a general’s right hand, strategizing and scheming. Others realize that strength relies in endurance, and give their services as a battle medic. Still others are at the front lines, using their powers to crush the enemies directly.


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