Sigorsil: The Boatman


One should never deny fate entirely, for what will happen will happen. Death is a part of life that can only be delayed, not avoided.

Tales and Associated Deities

He often appears to mortals as a captain of a ship, come to take them away from the world. Most plead with him to let them stay for longer, offering him all they have. Generally, he ignores their pleas, but Sigorsil is always looking to gain power and influence. In the rare cases a mortal has something he would truly want, he accepts, knowing that he will be back shortly, for death cannot be avoided, only delayed.

Some feel he has a special relationship with vampires, and people have sighted him with Iss and Cern, the vampire gods.

Due to his strong associated with death, he is often contrasted with Caustram. Both believe that death is inevitable, and unavoidable, but Caustram takes offense to Sigorsil’s temporary relief for personal gain. Seeing undeath as a travesty, going against the laws of nature, followers of Caustram are revolted by Sigorsil and his self-serving views towards death.


Followers of Sigorsil tend to focus on two main domains, Fate and Undeath. Those who worship Sigorsil’s understanding of inevitability are often gifted with the abilities of an oracle, able to call on Sigorsil’s understanding to see the despair that lies in wait for all. His clerics tend to call upon him for temporarily bringing back souls from death, after they have been twisted and decimated, to become undead minions. As followers of Sigorsil, they often do not try to thwart death themselves, but rather bring glory to Sigorsil and themselves, so when death inevitably comes, they will have lived a powerful life, and Sigorsil will inevitably hold them in his favor.


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