Zythiera: The Maiden


Power is worth striving for above all things.

Strict adherence to discipline shall bring great reward.

Knowledge of the future is the surest method of gaining control of it.

All things are suitable sacrifice for power; cling to nothing that holds you back.

Tales and Associated Deities

Zythiera’s original holy book, Revelations of the Bone Daughter is rumored to be one of the foulest – and rarest – tomes ever printed, and its ownership carries a death sentence by mandate of the King (sans a special dispensation to the archives of House Kathiss, but even then, reading it is forbidden). Spotting its readers, however, is easily done – every last person known to have perused the Revelations has developed a third eye as an expression of their increased oracular ability.


Followers of Zythiera have strict self-discipline, practicing fasting, celibacy, and daily meditation. While she attracts some clerics and blackguards, witches and wizards make up her greatest followers, relying on Zythiera in their guidance for power and magic. Though males have found a place in her power structure (generally as the blinded Mindrenders, temple enforces and bodyguards), she unequivocally prefers women; every known high cleric (called “Grey Lady”) has been female, and every cleric captured as a known cleric in her cult has been female.
Outside those seeking oracular abilities to augment spellcasting, Zythiera is also known to be a patron for vengeance, giving succor and foresight to those who feel wronged and wish to harm those that have wronged them.


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